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Product Name : VIRNIL-9
Description :
Composition : Peroxydi Sulphate, Sodium Peroxy di sulphate with suitable base.
Benefits :
 Effective against shrimp diseases like white spot syndrome virus(WSSV). Tara syndrome virus (TSV) and vibro SPP.
 Effective disinfectant for water
 Suitable for using before stocking
 It does not effect water quality, dissolved oxygen levels, food source and plankton
 No impact on dissolved oxygen
 Against broad spectrum disinfectant
 It increases the survival of shrimp ratio
• • For water preparation 24 hours before stocking
Dosage : 200gm–500gm/acre. Apply once in every 15 days.
Presentation : Required level of Virmet-9 dissolved in water broadcast throughout the pond

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