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Product Name : N-PRO
Description : Ammonia & Toxic Gases Reducer
Composition :
Yucca schidigera aloevera, Bacillus subtillus,
Bacillus polymyxin, Bacillus Linchcniformis,
Nitrosomonas, Nitrobacter, Pseudomonas
denitnificans Digestive enzymes.
Benefits :  Having affinity to bind ammonia and other poisonous gases 
 Eliminates toxic pungent odors 
 Reduces harmful bacterial loads & Moulting Problems 
 As the Ammonia is reduced the ponds become clean and fresh and results in healthy and active prawn/fish growth

Dosage : 500gms / Acre once in 15 days

Presentation : 500gms/1k

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